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Why Pilates

Who Should Do Pilates

"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,

you are old;

if it is completely flexible at 60,

you are young!"

- Joseph Pilates

The beauty of the Pilates method lies in its versatility. It can be modified to suit anyone's needs, from triathletes to rehabilitation patients.


• Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, Golfers, Dancers, Tennis Players

• People with chronic back pain, shoulder pain or other types of joint issues

• People with scoliosis or osteoporosis

• Patients who have completed rehabilitation after surgery but need to              continue strengthening specific areas of the body

• Pregnant and Post-natal women

• People who spend prolonged periods of time in front of a computer

• People who have strenuous occupations or hobbies

• Senior Citizens


•Increased flexibility and strength without bulk

•Greater core strength, which may help prevent injuries
Improved posture, making you look taller and leaner

•Decrease or elimination of spine, shoulder and knee pain

•Heightened body awareness, known as mind-body connection

•Increased energy levels

•Improved performance in your sport or hobby



Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) designed his method to strengthen the weak

and challenge the strong.

-Born in Germany, he pursued body-building, gymnastics, skiing, diving, and boxing to develop     his physical and mental fitness.

-During WW1 in a prisoner of war camp, Pilates converted hospital beds into rehabilitation             equipment to help wounded soldiers of the German Army rebuild strength and flexibility.

-In New York, Pilates trained boxers, professional dancers, movie stars, doctors, circus                   performers, gymnasts, musicians, business professionals, tradesmen, and students.

-A diverse athletic community found that Pilates helped prevent injury, improve strength, and    develop long, even muscle tone.

-Pilates is now taught in most major countries around the world and now counts more than         twelve million practitioners. 

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