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Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic Drainage 

The Lymphatic System is part of the circulatory system. It is a secondary pathway to the heart, parallel to the venous system - which brings nutrients and oxygen to the cells and carries away 70% of the fluid returning to the heart. The Lymphatic System moves fluids (Lymph), through the body and returns it to the circulatory system and is the body's waste disposal. It drains the remaining 30% of the fluid, as well as cellular waste, bacteria, excess water, proteins and wastes from the connective tissue, viruses and toxins and returns it to the bloodstream for ultimate removal by the kidneys. Our lymph nodes also house white blood cells whose job it is to attack and destroy pathogens, holding the memory of them in case of future illness. 


Because the Lymphatic System does not have a pump of its own, it depends on the mobility of the Fascial and Muscular Systems for movement throughout the body. 


Lymphatic Drainage stimulates the lymph nodes as I manually create rhythmic contractions that feel like an extremely gentle touch. This directs stagnant lymphatic fluid to be rerouted. It is an incredibly gentle and effective treatment that can be used as a preventative health therapy and also as a post-op rehabilitation treatment, post cancer treatment, and on-going therapy for disorders that cause chronic swelling, pain, and fatigue. 




Manual Lymphatic Drainage is especially needed after surgery, when residual and swelling can slow down recovery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment may be applied as soon as one or two days after surgery, to be repeated 1-2 times a week until results are achieved. Treatment may also be used before surgery to cleanse the system and encourage a speedy recovery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is also excellent for boosting the immune system, and edema. Emotions and trauma that are stored in the body can be moved through the Lymphatic system. Our body is a beautiful synergy of physical, emotional, and energetic. 


Available for full 60 minute sessions.

We can also add Lymphatic Drainage to your NeuroMyoFascia Therapy appointment.

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